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Fungus in a petri dish

Fungi come in many varieties

Yeasts and Mold Testing in Food Samples

Yeast and Mold are common contaminants in food.  Mold spores can be carried by the wind, and hence can have easy entry to a food production facility. Both yeasts and molds cause various degrees of deterioration and decomposition of foods. They can invade and grow on virtually any type of food at any time; they invade crops such as grains, nuts, beans, and fruits in fields producing mycotoxins, some of which can be harmful to humans before harvesting and during storage. They also grow on processed foods and food mixtures. Yeasts and Mold are one of the important variables in shelf life testing of foods. Yeasts cause food to spoil.
This Total Yeasts and Mold testing enumerates the mold and yeasts in the population of a sample. No identifications are made, however identification of the mold will be performed upon request.

Yeasts and Mold testing on Environmental Surfaces, Indoor Air Quality.

Molds are known allergens and may be toxic. Microbiological Associates is able to identify and enumerate fungi and yeast collected on swab, dust or bulk samples. Swabs and bags for sampling can be collected from us.

MBA offers the identification and analysis of fungal spores tape lift, bulk and swab sampling, are techniques used for direct examination. A direct exam allows for the immediate determination of the presence of fungal spores as well as what types of fungi are present.  For Tape lift the use of clear or transparent Scotch or other brand tape is preferred.   

We also offer an on- site air sampling with the Andersen N-6 Impactor method which involves drawing a measured volume of air over culture media in petri dishes. The petri dishes are incubated in the laboratory so the organisms impacted on the plate can grow. The fungi or bacteria are counted and identified.